Vintage Dinnerware Pieces

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Sources Of Vintage Dinnerware

1. Replacements, Ltd.: Known for its extensive inventory of vintage and antique dinnerware, Replacements, Ltd. offers a variety of patterns from different eras.

2. Etsy: An online marketplace, Etsy features many independent vintage dinnerware shops where you can find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

3. Ruby Lane: Specializing in vintage and antique items, Ruby Lane has a wide selection of dinnerware from various periods and styles.

4. Chairish: Offering curated collections of vintage and antique furniture and decor, Chairish also has a selection of dinnerware, including vintage sets.

5. eBay: A popular online marketplace, eBay has a vast array of vintage dinnerware listings, ranging from individual pieces to complete sets.

6. Antique malls and antique stores: Check your local area for antique malls or stores that specialize in vintage items, as they often have a section dedicated to dinnerware.

7. Flea markets and garage sales: These are great places to find hidden gems and vintage dinnerware at affordable prices.

8. Estate sales: Estate sales are often held when someone passes away or downsizes, and they can be treasure troves for vintage dinnerware enthusiasts.

9. Thrift stores: While not specifically dedicated to vintage items, thrift stores sometimes have vintage dinnerware pieces mixed in with their selection.

10. Online forums and collector communities: Joining online forums and collector communities allows you to connect with fellow vintage dinnerware enthusiasts who may recommend specific shops or stores in your area.

11. Carolina China Collectibles – Carolina China Collectibles is another shop that specializes in out of production vintage dinnerware. They deal in limited quantities suitable for replacement of broken pieces or adding to your collection. Also you may find vintage glass dinnerware.

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