1. Flat Cup & Saucer by Myott/Staffordshire
    Flat Cup and Saucer ... Myott/Staffordshire Leaf pattern 3211 Multicolor leaves with orange band. Saucer is 6 inches diameter … Cup is 3 7/8 inches...
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  2. Gone With The Wind Character Dolls
    Carolina China Collectibles has a few of the historical Gone With The Wind Character Dolls in stock.  All of the dolls are in their original boxes....
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  3. Lotion Dispenser by Wedgwood
    Lotion Dispenser by Wedgwood English Cottage Pattern 6 ½ inch tall Excellent condition with no chips or scratches. This lotion dispenser was ...
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  4. Wedgwood Rosalie Pattern
    It is time to unpack the four boxes of china that was delivered to my door. ---  WOW -- There is nothing classier than china made by Wedgwood. This...
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  5. Shopify Frustrations
    Carolina China Collectibles is building a shop using the Shopify ecommerce system.  To say the least, it is a frustrating experience. Shopify sells...
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  6. Carolina China Collectibles is opening a new online shop.  This will allow us to better serve our customers by providing improved payment and shipp...
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