Shopify Frustrations

Shopify Frustrations

by Buck Woods

Carolina China Collectibles is building a shop using the Shopify ecommerce system.  To say the least, it is a frustrating experience.

Shopify sells on the premise that any one can set up a shop over night with little or no experience.  I have a two words for that that I would rather not print here.

 Actually you can do it if you use one of their themes as is and only plan to sell a hand full of products.

 For someone who has many products that have several different manufacturers and are of several different types,  then using one of Shopify pre-built themes will probably require some  professional help.  

For example.....I have 20 pieces of vintage china that was made by 5 or 6 different manufacturers and includes multiple types of china......cups, dishes, plates, platters, etc.  I only found 2 of the Shopify themes that can handle the navigation without additional programming.  One is a freebie which does a decent job but does not have a sophisticated look about it.  The other is a premium theme that cost $180.00 and is short on header design.   OK I can do that.  It is a business expense. 

I now have 2 potential themes that I may work with.   One is a so-so appearance and the other is a ......Well, I could live with it......

Let me add here that I checked some third party theme makers.  The themes are cheaper.  I purchased one that seemed to do exactly what I wanted.....But when I installed it, I found that in order to get it to perform as the their promo showed, I needed to do some programming.  Cost of theme and cost of a programmer is another business expense. 

Nothing is as easy as the hucksters lead us to believe.  I am sticking with it and am determined to make this thing work.


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