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Christmas Figurine Collectibles

Figurines are always an acceptable Christmas gift. Carolina China Collectibles has a number of figurines in stock…..Mostly Lenox items but some glass and others.

Christmas Ornament Lenox Snowy Visitor Christmas Figurine Collectibles Christmas Ornament Lenox Snowy Visitor
Christmas Ornament
Lenox Snowy Visitor
Ivory Snowman Collection

Some of our figurines are rare and all are collectible. Quality is very good. Most are in the original boxes and have never been displayed..


Christmas Figurine Collectibles DopeyLenox Dopey Holiday Surprise Ornament
The Lenox Dopey’s Holiday Surprise Ornament is crafted of hand painted ivory fine china, accented with 24 karat gold and set with crystals.

Lenox Christmas Ornaments are always in demand. Our stock is of items that are discontinued and you can not find them in a store.


Father FrostChristmasG. DeBrekht Father Frost’s Journey 2nd Villager Series 2002

The Derevo Collection 2002
Father Frost’s Journey
2nd in the musical villager series

Shop Carolina China Collectibles for your Christmas gifts. Rare finds for a life time of enjoyment.

Christmas Figurine Collectibles

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